Pest Inspection

Wood Destroying Pest Inspection paperwork on a desktop

Why Do I Need a Wood-Destroying Pest Inspection?

Sometimes your mortgage lender will require a Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report on the house you want to buy. If you’re getting a VA mortgage, it’s mandatory. A pest inspection involves a full inspection of your home for any evidence of termite, wood-boring beetles, and wood-attacking ant activity; signs of dry rot damage; or moisture conditions that could lead to an atmosphere for wood-destroying organisms or termites to flourish. Your mortgage lender wants to make sure that the wood structure is intact and will remain so for years before they write your mortgage.

Our inspections are impartial because we don’t offer pest treatment services. We have nothing to gain or lose by what our inspection uncovers. We’re not going to try to up-sell you anything. That said, you can rely on us or an honest, unbiased report within a day of our inspection.

Wood-Destroying Pest Inspection and Report for $150.