Well and Septic System

Septic system

Is a Well and Septic System Inspection Required?

The short answer is “not always” and it depends on the county you’re in.

If the house is in Washtenaw County, both inspections are mandatory and the seller is responsible.

If the septic field was built with a Washtenaw County permit or if it has been pumped out within the last 5 years, you don’t need to have the tank pumped out before the inspection. We recommend you have your tank pumped every 3-5 years as a best practice. If it hasn’t been pumped in over 5 years, it will need to be pumped first and then inspected.

Although we don’t offer this service, we can arrange to have a pumper meet us onsite at the time of your inspection. On average, a tank pump out starts at $300 and increases $100 for every 500 gallons. You’ll pay the tank pump out vendor directly and we’ll oversee the pumping process and conduct the inspection when the tank is pumped.

In Wayne County, you’re only required to inspect the septic system and it’s the seller’s responsibility to have the inspection done.

Home Inspection Services, LLC is certified by both Wayne and Washtenaw Health Departments to inspect wells and septic systems at the time of home sales. Other counties in Southeast Michigan do not require these inspections. I strongly recommend that you have them done when you’re buying a home. This will identify any potential issues early. New septic systems start at $15,000 and can easily climb to $30,000.

When we do a septic inspection, we find the four corners of the field and take a core sample of the field down to a 3-inch depth below the septic field. We take pictures of the core samples and draw a site plan of the system with accurate measurements, including the depth of cover over the field and tank. All of this information is included in your inspection report.

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, it’s critical that you inspect the well and septic systems. Our rates vary depending upon where the home is located.

Prices for Washtenaw County

Well Inspection is $525
Septic System Inspection is $525
Both for $575

Prices for Wayne County

Well Inspection is $350
Septic System Inspection is $525
Both for $575

Prices for All Other Counties in Southeast Michigan

Well Inspection is $350
Septic System Inspection is $350
Both for $425